SHINee to release film to celebrate 15th anniversary

Boy band SHINee during the 15th anniversary celebration meet and greet held on May 28 and 29 at the Jamil Arena, southern Seoul [SM ENTERTAINMENT]

Boy band SHINee will hit theaters in September with a film celebrating its 15th anniversary, according to SM Entertainment on Wednesday.

The film, with the working title of "My SHINee World," will follow the boy band's career from the eyes of a fan.

"Fans will also be able to look back on the 15 years of their lives that they've spent with SHINee," SM Entertainment said.

It will also include various never-before-seen footage.

Footage from SHINee's latest concert, "SHINee World VI [Perfect Illumination]," held at southern Seoul's KSPO Dome in June, will be included in the film and shown to the audience on the big screen.

SHINee's behind-the-scenes interview about preparing for the concert will be included.

This year, SHINee has held various events and venues to celebrate its 15th anniversary, such as a pop-up store, concerts, and dropping its eighth full-length album "Hard."

SHINee debuted in May 2008 with "Replay," and currently consists of four members — Onew, Taemin, Key and Minho. They have been one of the most beloved and longest-running acts in K-pop with multiple hits, including "Ring Ding Dong" (2009), "Lucifer" (2010), "Sherlock" (2012) and "View" (2015).

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