Singer BoA to produce NCT Wish's debut single


Singer BoA will be the producer for NCT’s last subgroup NCT Wish's debut single "WISH," SM Entertainment said Wednesday.

BoA is currently overseeing the overall production of NCT Wish’s upcoming debut single as a producer, including the band’s music and performance.

The upcoming album is set for release on Feb. 21.

“BoA is expected to lead the members’ activities and development based on her know-how, insight, sense and own identity, which she had accumulated throughout her long career as a K-pop artist,” the company said.

The artist previously participated as a producer for aespa’s “Dreams Come True” (2021), which was a remastered version of S.E.S.’s song released in 1998. She took part in the music, choreography and visuals of the remastered music, according to the agency.

BoA debuted in 2000 at the age of 13 under SM Entertainment with “ID: PEACE B.” She garnered major popularity around Asia, especially in Japan, stepping into the overseas music scene at a young age. She released hit songs such as “No. 1” (2002), “Valenti” (2002), “Hurricane Venus” (2010) and “Only One” (2012).

NCT Wish, the last of NCT’s subgroup, is set to officially debut at Tokyo Dome on Feb. 21. The new subgroup was formed through SM Entertainment’s audition show “NCT Universe: Lastart,” aiming to form a Japanese localized subgroup of NCT. The six members are Sion, Riku, Yushi, Jaehee, Ryo and Sakuya.

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