Singer Tei to tie the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend


Singer Tei announced Monday that he is tying the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend.

He posted the news on his fan community website saying that his fiancée is one year younger than him and that she is “someone who has lived a harder and more mature life than her peers since her school days.”

He described her as someone he “looks up to” and that “through learning and sharing and supporting each other we have been able to spend six years together.”

Tei asked fans for their support and thanked them.

According to local press, the wedding will be held on May 29 at a golf course in Gyeonggi.

Tei, whose given name is Kim Ho-kyung, debuted in 2004 with the album “The First Journey.” He is known for his ballads, releasing hits like “Love... Leaves a Scent” (2004, translated), “Thorn Tree that Loved Yearning” (2005, translated) and “Screaming Out in Sadness” (2005, translated).

He is holding his first concert in six years at the end of this month.