SLL, Jaedam Media to partner to develop webtoons, dramas

SLL and Jaedam Media [EACH COMPANY]

Creative studio SLL will partner up to develop webtoons and dramas with webtoon publisher Jaedam Media, the creative studio announced Thursday.

The memorandum of understanding signed between the two parties will allow Jaedam Media to provide potential webtoons that can be adapted into drama series by SLL, and SLL to provide Jaedam Media with drama screenplays that can be adapted into webtoons.

The two companies have previously collaborated to jointly release “She Would Never Know” (2021) as a drama on JTBC and on Naver as a webtoon. The tentatively named “Newbie Zombie Kim” (working title) is also currently in production by both companies and is planned to be released in both formats later this year.

SLL, formerly Studio LuluLala, is a content creation company under the JoongAng Group. They are best known for hit dramas “Reborn Rich” (2022), “Agency” (2023), “My Liberation Notes” (2022), “D.P.” (2021) and YouTube channels Workman, hosted by announcer Jang Sung-kyu; Wassup Man, hosted by singer Park Joon-hyung; and Season B Season, hosted by singer Rain.

Jaedam Media is a webtoon publisher founded in 2013 and is known for webtoons “Kingsmaker ~Triple Crown~” (2017-21), “Michelin Star” (2013), “Fugitives” (2017) and more.