SLL JoongAng wins Excellent Communications Design award at 2024 German Design Awards

Poster of German Design Awards [SLL, PLUS X]

Drama production and distribution company SLL JoongAng was named the winner of the Excellent Communications Design award at the 2024 German Design Award.

SLL JoongAng, formerly known as JTBC Studios and Studio LuluLala, was given the award in the Brand Identity category on Dec. 5.

German Design Award, established in 1953 by the German Design Council, is one of the most prestigious design award ceremonies, setting international standards for design development and competitiveness in the global market.

“The SLL creative studio has a modern and eye-catching appearance,” the German Design Award’s jury panel said while explaining the reasons for giving the award.

“[It has] a convincing and passionate approach to color, graphics, typography and visual systems down to the last detail, which makes the international content creator unique.”

SLL JoongAng houses 15 different multimedia, television and film production studios, including Drama House Studio and B.A. Entertainment. Studios under SLL are behind hit dramas and films such as "My Liberation Notes" (2022), "Reborn Rich" (2022) and "The Good Bad Mother.” SLL JoongAng currently has 209 creators and 383 titles under its name cumulatively.

SLL introduced what it called a "new brand essence" titled “Stories Lead Life” in November. As a comprehensive studio encompassing all areas of the content market, SLL said in its press released that it "aims to deliver immersive enjoyment and emotional experiences to people worldwide through diverse stories, emphasizing the power of narrative by engaging audiences and shaping the content landscape on a global scale."