Solbi paints a floral paradise in newly exhibited artistic works

Artist Kwon Ji-an, also known as singer Solbi [M.A.P CREW]

Artist Kwon Ji-an, also known as singer Solbi, will be holding her first solo exhibition in a year and four months, her agency M.A.P Crew said Friday.

According to the agency, her new exhibition titled "Paradise — Capturing of the Ordinary" will be held from Sept. 29 to Nov. 22 at Vila Vila Cola, a cultural multiplex located in Siheung, Gyeonggi, featuring 20 works including new creations.

Kwon held her last solo exhibition "Real Reality" last year, introducing her talent as an artist to the public.

"Palette Garden" (2020) by Kwon Ji-an [M.A.P CREW]

She was chosen for the Gana Art Residency this year after being the only Korean artist invited to the global contemporary art festival Nuit Blanche Paris in Paris in October last year. The work "Palette Garden" that Kwon created during the residency sold for 9.2 million won ($7,900) at a Seoul Auction sale earlier this year.

Despite having been sold, "Palette Garden" (2020) will be on display at the exhibition, along side some of her newer works such as "Snow, Water (Winter)," (2020), "Where Will I Be? (Autumn)" (2020) and "Until the Day We Meet Again (Spring)" (2020).

"Snow, Water (Winter)" (2020) by Kwon Ji-an [M.A.P CREW]
"Where Will I Be? (Autumn)" (2020) by Kwon Ji-an [M.A.P CREW]

All the works feature images of flowers, which Kwon revealed was due to the influence of her father.

"She once asked her father why he liked flowers so much," the agency said. "She was told the answer, 'Because they're always there' and that made her think 'What things are always there in a world that's always changing?'"

Kwon said, through a press release, that "The works in this exhibition capture the ordinary moments, not the most beautiful moments.

"I wish that this day, a very ordinary and plain day, will be a 'Paradise' for everyone."