Song Da-eun bombarded by BTS Jimin's fans for dating suspicions

BTS member Jimin, left, and actor Song Da-eun [NEWS1, SCREEN CAPTURE]

Actor Song Da-eun's Instagram account was bombarded by fans of Jimin from boy band BTS after suspicions arose Thursday of the two individuals dating.

The online terrorism came after Song uploaded a series of Instagram Stories on Thursday with items that "hinted to" a romantic relationship between the two celebrities.

The posts included images such as earphone cases with Da-eun and Jimin written on them and Song wearing a BTS T-shirt. A video with an unidentifiable person added to the speculation.

The posts were deleted soon after, but commenters continued demanding an explanation from her.

Some say that the post was just Song showing her personal admiration for Jimin as a fan, but others suspect it hints at something romantic, as this is not the first time that speculation rose about them dating.

Fans' reactions were amplified because rumors of the two stars dating had already surfaced once, in October last year.

The two stars have not released an official comment on the issue.

Song first came into the public eye through Channel A’s dating reality show “Heart Signal” in 2018 and then started her career as an actor. She acted in TV series “Dear My Room” (2018-19) and the KBS drama “Once Again” (2020).

Jimin of BTS is currently serving his mandatory military service, which he began in December last year.

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