Song Ha-yoon's alleged victim provides more details of physical assault

Actor Song Ha-yoon [YONHAP]

The man who accused actor Song Ha-yoon of physical assault in high school has come forward with a more detailed account of events, outlining his reasons for why he chose to out Song at this time and the conversations he had with the actor’s agency.

A post titled “I am the victim of Song Ha-yoon’s school bullying” was uploaded to an online community website on Sunday. The post’s author claimed to be the person who first publicly accused Song of perpetrating violence against fellow students in high school on an episode of JTBC’s social affairs program “Crime Chief” that aired on April 1.

“I learned about the drama series 'Marry My Husband' only a month prior, because I am currently living in the United States,” the post read.

The author claimed to have recognized Song as the student who called him in the summer to meet at lunchtime during high school, only to hold him down and hit him for 90 minutes.

The man said he wanted to end matters with a personal apology from Song. He said he reached out to Song through her social media and her agency through email, but did not receive a response until his third email to the agency.

He said he then had a two-hour long conversation with a person from Song’s agency, after which the agency proposed to meet the man in person. The man shared a screenshot of the conversations he had with the agency through email and messenger app in his online post.

The man said he requested Song's agency for direct contact with her for an apology. However, the agency continued to say that “they could not get in contact with [her].”

He claimed that he would not have had made the incident public if Song acknowledged it and apologized to him.

He concluded his post by saying that should Song and her agency consider legal action, he “would not settle, no matter what.”

“It has been a week since the last ['Crime Chief'] episode aired. People really don’t change,” the man said.

“[Song] has denied the allegations up until now, and seeing that she has not apologized, saying she does not recognize me and my claims are false, she either has no plans to apologize or is preparing to take legal action. If I was intimidated by the possibility of legal action, I would not have started this in the first place."

Song denied the man’s accusations in early April, right after the "Crime Chief" episodes aired. Her agency, Kingkong by Starship Entertainment, verified that the actor had been expelled from high school due to a school violence incident, but claimed that it was unrelated to the man’s accusations.

“All of the claims made in JTBC’s ‘Crime Chief’ report on Song Ha-yoon and in the follow-up report are not true,” Kingkong by Starship Entertainment said in a statement. The agency vowed legal action against the informant and “Crime Chief” after the follow-up episode aired.

Song and her agency have not yet released a statement regarding the man's post on Sunday.

Song, whose real name is Kim Mi-sun, debuted under the stage name “Kim Byul” in 2003 and began using Song Ha-yoon in 2012. She is known for her roles in the TV series “Marry My Husband” and “Fight for My Way” (2017) as well as the film “Intimate Strangers” (2018).

“Marry My Husband,” in which Song played the antagonist role, aired on tvN from January to February this year.