Song Hye-kyo honors female milita leader

Actor Song Hye-kyo in Incheon on July 19, 2023 [YONHAP]

Actor Song Hye-kyo and Seo Kyoung-Duk, professor of general education at Sungshin Women’s University, commemorated this year's March 1 Independence Movement Day with a video introducing Korea's first female commander of a civilian militia.

A video titled "Yun Hui-sun, First Female Commander of a Civilian Militia" was uploaded on YouTube on Friday morning as the nation commemorates the independence movement that began on March 1, 1919.

The video was written by Prof. Seo and funded by actor Song, according to Seo.

Yun Hui-sun (1860-1935) is known as the first female leader of the Korean civilian militia, best known for composing military songs to heighten soldiers' morale.

"We produced the video in order to introduce female independence activists who are not well-known to the public," Seo said. "We plan to make a video series on independence activists every March 1."

The actor and academic have been partnering up to promote the Korean language and history in various ways, such as creating brochures and guidebooks and distributing them to overseas museums.

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