'Squid Game' actor Lee Byung-hun's Los Angeles house hit in burglary: Report

Actor Lee Byung-hun [BH ENTERTAINMENT]

A burglary took place at “Squid Game” actor Lee Byung-hun’s Los Angeles house last week, according to U.S. tabloid TMZ.

One of Lee's staff members who visited the actor's house last week found its sliding glass doors destroyed, according to the TMZ report Monday.

The actor’s family was reportedly out of town when the burglary happened. Local police are looking into the situation and confirming with Lee if any of his belongings are missing.

Police say that the burglars did not specifically target Lee but have been robbing wealthy LA neighborhoods, according to TMZ.

“It wasn’t a major robbery but just an act from some thieves,” the actor’s agency BH Entertainment told local media following the TMZ report. “We have confirmed that there were no reports of any property damages or injuries found.”

Lee debuted in 1991 and is best known for his roles in many films and dramas such as “Inside Men” (2015), “Mr. Sunshine” (2018), “Concrete Utopia” (2023) and many more. The actor married actor Lee Min-jung, who is also a renowned actor in Korea, in 2013. The couple have a son and a daughter, who was born last year.

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