Taeyeon tests positive for Covid-19, will miss appearance on 'Amazing Saturday'

Singer Taeyeon on set of tvN weekend game show ″Amazing Saturday″ (2018-) as a regular panelist [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Singer Taeyeon has contracted Covid-19 and will not make her regular appearance on a future episode of tvN weekend game show "Amazing Saturday" (2018-).

"Taeyeon will not be present for the shooting of 'Amazing Saturday' on Nov. 18 due to her health condition," tvN told local press on Tuesday. It added that as of now, it has no plans to cast a different celebrity to replace Taeyeon for the day.

The cast and crew of "Amazing Saturday" pre-records its episodes every other Friday. The show airs every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Taeyeon has served as one of the regular panelists on the game show since late 2020.

Taeyeon's agency SM Entertainment announced that the artist tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday, through her official fan community platform.

"Taeyeon didn't feel well, so she used a self-test kit which revealed that she may have the virus. So the next day, she immediately went to see a doctor who conducted a rapid antigen test which confirmed that was infected with Covid-19," wrote the agency.

Singer Taeyeon debuted in 2007 as a member of Girls' Generation, the legendary girl group best known for its 2009 megahit "Gee." She released her first solo song "If" in 2008 and came out with her first solo EP "I" in 2015. As a solo artist, she has released hits such as "Four Seasons" (2019) and "Weekend" (2021). Taeyeon is also a member of subunits Girls' Generation-TTS (2012-) and Girls' Generation-Oh!GG (2018-), as well as K-pop powerhouse SM Entertainment's female supergroup GOT the beat, which launched in January this year.