Trendz to celebrate second anniversary with new single in January

Boy band Trendz [GLOBAL H MEDIA]

Trendz will drop a new digital single to celebrate the boy band's second debut anniversary in January, its agency Global H Media said Tuesday.

The new music will be the band's first in four months since its third single album," Still On My Way," was released on Sept. 6.
The agency said the new release is to return the love and support that the band has received from its fans.

Detailed information about the new digital single, including its title, has yet not been disclosed.

Trendz, pronounced "trend zee," debuted with seven members — Havit, Leon, Yoonwoo, Hankook, ra.L, Eunil and Yechan — on Jan. 5, 2022 with its first EP "Blue Set Chapter 1. Tracks." The group is known for its powerful choreography and performances. Before its debut, the band was known for uploading dance cover videos of other popular K-pop songs.

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