tripleS launches new ballad subunit Aria

Girl group tripleS's new ballad subunit Aria [MODHAUS]

tripleS rolled out a new ballad subunit named Aria, on Friday, the girl group's agency Modhaus said the same day.

The subunit has five members from the girl group — Seo Da-hyun, Kim Chae-yeon, Lee Ji-woo, Kaede and Nien.

Aria will be the group's first-ever ballad subunit.

tripleS has a unique subunit system, where fans create the subunits — called dimensions — out of the group's members by voting.

Aria is also a result of a fan vote.

When Aria will drop a new song has not been revealed yet.

tripleS is Modhaus's first girl group, launched in May 2022. The group currently has 16 members but plans to ultimately have 24-member roster. The group has a unique subunit system and multiple subunits.

The group recently won Best New Female Artist at the 2023 MAMA Awards.

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