Tving's 'EXchange' to be remade in Japan

″Love Transit,″ the Japanese adaptation of Tving's dating show ″EXchange″ will be released on Amazon Prime Video starting June [TVING]

“EXchange,” streaming service Tving’s hit dating program, will be remade in Japan as “Love Transit,” the Korean streaming service announced Monday.

“Love Transit,” produced by Amazon Prime Video as an Amazon original, will follow the basic concept of “EXchange” (2021): the dating reality show featuring couples who broke up for various reasons and then live together to share their issues and stories, but will have some details adapted for Japanese viewers.

First released in 2021,“EXchange” had a positive reception with its unique twist to dating reality shows. The second season of “EXchange,” released in 2022, became one of the most successful programs on Tving to attract new users to the streaming service, according to Tving.

The series also saw global popularity when it was released in multiple Asian countries through a Hong Kong-based streaming service, followed by its release in France through the French streaming service 6play.

“Love Transit” will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting June.

It hasn't been confirmed whether "Love Transit" will be available on Tving.

Poster for the second season of ″EXchange″ released in 2022 [TVING]