Twice embraces nostalgia as 13th EP 'With YOU-th' takes a trip down memory lane

Girl group Twice [JYP ENTERTAINMENT]

Girl group Twice is hoping to create everlasting youth for the group and its fans Once through its latest EP "With YOU-th," the members said Friday through its agency JYP Entertainment's press release.

The EP, which was released on the same day, looks back on the nine members’ memories and friendships made over their nine years working as a group in the prime of their youth, according to Momo and Jihyo.

“Members hold hands or hug each other to become one throughout the teasing content for the new EP to show the heyday of Twice’s youth,” Jeongyeon said. “We hope ‘With YOU-th’ will remain a [fragment of] youth for both us and our fans.”

“Twice is my youth,” Momo said. “Twice’s prime of youth was made even more beautiful thanks to Once’s love.” Once is the collective name for Twice's fans.

Members Jeongyeon, Dahyun and Chaeyoung wrote the lyrics for the EP’s tracks “Bloom,” “You Get Me” and “Rush,” respectively.

Fitting in with the overarching concept of the EP, the lyrics for “Bloom” and “You Get Me” are on growth and unity.

“‘Bloom’ expresses a flower’s growth so I wrote the lyrics with the process of a flower blossoming in mind,” Jeongyeon said.

“‘You Get Me’ is an accompanying track to the EP’s first track ‘I Got You,’ so I wanted the song to contain the message that the world is completed [only] when together,” Dahyun said. “I think it’ll be a song we can reflect on together in the future.”

On the group’s recent collaboration with U.S. musician Lauv on the single “I Got You,” the members said they were honored to have made a song with him as they had admired him and his music even before, and that they would like to work with him again given the opportunity.

“I Got You” was dropped on Feb. 2 as a pre-release single ahead of the EP’s release.

"With YOU-th" is Twice's 13th EP, released almost a year after its 12th EP "Ready to Be" (2023).

Twice is currently performing around the world for its "Ready to Be" tour which began last year. The group this year has held concerts in Brazil and Mexico. Next, it is slated to go to Yokohama, Japan.

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