Victon's Han Seung-woo releases three-track single 'Scene'

Han Seung-woo's single, ″Scene,″ drops on Wednesday, 6 p.m. on streaming services. [IST ENTERTAINMENT]

Han Seung-woo from K-pop boy band Victon will release three-track single "Scene" on Wednesday at 6 p.m., according to his agency IST Entertainment in a press release the same day.

Han's first single features three songs: lead track "Blooming," "Lost" and "Stay." The single is his first new music in a year.

"I wanted to express various scenes from my life through this single," said Han through IST's press release. "More than anything else, I wanted to spread a positive message to not split hairs over big and small things.”

"Blooming" is a rock track with lyrics about how true happiness lies in one small flower. Kwak Sung-chan of dance crew Peace Maker participated in creating the choreography of the song, with moves portraying fluttering flower petals.

Concept photo for Han's single, ″Scene″ [IST ENTERTAINMENT]

"I worked well with the director and conveyed what I wanted to express freely," Han said of the music video for "Blooming," slated for simultaneous release with the single. "I was busy running away from bugs when I was filming a scene in the fields for the chorus.”

Track "Lost" is a song that depicts a wandering soul, and “Stay” is a song about self-reflection and finding one’s identity at home.

"It feels different from the intense music I used to make," said Han.

Han participated in the production process of all three songs, and wrote the lyrics by himself.

Concept photo for Han's single, ″Scene″ [IST ENTERTAINMENT]

Han will go live on his official YouTube channel at 9 p.m. to introduce "Blooming" to his fans.

Han topped the iTunes' Top Album Chart in 11 regions with his first solo album, "Fame," back in 2020.

Victon debuted in 2016 with its first EP, “Voice To New World” and released the songs “I’m Fine” (2016), “Time of Sorrow” (2018) and “Mayday” (2020).

The boy band's contract with IST Entertainment expired in 2023, and only three members — Han Seung-woo, Sejun and Seungsik — currently remain in the agency.

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