Virtual K-pop girl group Fe:verse scheduled to debut in May

The final five members that will form the virtual girl group Fe:verse [KAKAO ENTERTAINMENT]

A virtual K-pop girl group named Fe:verse was formed on Monday through Korea’s first-ever virtual idol auditioning program “Girl’s Re:verse,” and the five final members — Muneo, Seoritae, Keuang, Rien and Kimserena — will debut as a group in May with an album and showcase, the producers of the show, Kakao Entertainment, announced Tuesday.

The name Fe:verse is a combination of fever, ever and reverse. Other details about the group's debut song and whether their real-life identities will be kept hidden were not revealed yet.

"Girl's Re:verse" began last January with 30 contestants who were all members of existing girl groups who came together in the virtual world and competed in different missions with nicknames, hidden behind 3-D characters.

The contestants on “Girl’s Re:verse” took part in the show virtually, each time putting on virtual reality (VR) gear within isolated cubicles at Kakao Entertainment’s studio. Each time they entered and left the shoot, they were guided by staff at different times, covering their faces, so that their identity would not be revealed to their competition.

Only the identities of the eliminated contestants were revealed — the members ranked on sixth to 10th on the final episode of the show include Juri from Rocket Punch, Bora from Cherry Bullet, Swan from Purple Kiss, Shim Seung-eun, former member of the girl group Bvndit, and Monday from Weeekly.