'Wonderful World' unleashes a mother’s wrath in MBC's new revenge drama

The cast of MBC's mystery drama series "Wonderful World" pose for a photo at a press conference held at MBC on Thursday ahead of the series' premiere on Friday. From left are actors Kim Kang-woo, Kim Nam-joo, Cha Eun-woo and Im Se-mi. [NEWS1]

“The Glory” (2022) fans, rejoice: another revenge-themed K-drama is coming, and this time, it’s a mother’s wrath the audience will be feeling in MBC’s upcoming mystery drama “Wonderful World.”

Director Lee Seung-young's "Wonderful World" is the story of a mother who personally takes revenge against her son’s killer and how she unravels the mysteries surrounding the fateful day of her son’s murder.

Promotional poster for mystery drama series ″Wonderful World″ [MBC]

Veteran actor Kim Nam-joo plays the role of Su-hyeon, a successful psychology professor and writer. Filled with grief and all-consuming anger at a legal system she believes has wronged her, Su-hyeon becomes a convict after taking justice into her own hands against the man who killed her son.

Playing along with Kim is Cha Eun-woo, who plays the role of Seon-yul, an orphan who lives a troubled life after his parents die despite having come from a wealthy background. Su-hyeon meets Seon-yul after her time in jail, where she is asked by an inmate to meet up with him.

Su-hyeon, played by Kim Nam-joo, in ″Wonderful World″ [MBC]

It signals Kim’s return to the small screen after six years. Her portrayal of a grieving mother is what propelled her to choose this particular production for her comeback.

“As a mom to two children, I approached this production with a very strong sense of motherhood,” Kim said at a press conference held Thursday ahead of the series’ premiere on Friday.

“I tend to choose certain productions that I can relate to and are drawn to, and [I read the script] after having spent a very happy last six years with my children.”

“I specifically chose ‘Wonderful World’ because of the sense of motherhood. I wanted to speak for all mothers who have unfairly lost their children,” she added.

“[The character] goes through an ordeal that I cannot even dare to imagine going through nor should ever happen. The story is rather tragic and desolate, but I was able to separate myself from Eun Su-hyeon thanks to my 30 years of experience as an actor.”

Seon-yul, played by Cha Eun-woo, from ″Wonderful World″ [MBC]

Cha is shown in the drama’s trailer as someone wounded, with a bone to pick with the world; and also, as a rugged car mechanic rough around the edges — which is sure to elicit quite the response from the heartthrob’s fans.

“I exercised more,” Cha said on preparing for his role. “Since the character is someone who chooses to live a rough life, I [also] changed my hair and the way I dress to seem more undone,” he added.

Director Lee Seung-young, middle, poses for a photo with the cast of ″Wonderful World" at a press conference held at MBC on Thursday ahead of the series' premiere on Friday. [NEWS1]

Also at the press conference were director Lee Seung-young and cast members Kim Kang-woo and Im Se-mi. Lee is known for his production work on the historical romance drama “The Red Sleeve” (2021) starring Lee Jun-ho and crime action-thriller “Tracer” (2022) led by Im Si-wan.

What sets “Wonderful World” apart from other mystery dramas or revenge-themed pieces is its well-balanced plot as well as the actors’ depth and the sensitivity in which they portray their characters, said Lee.

“It is under the blackest sky and in the darkest setting that the characters shine. Though the story’s setting is bleak, the characters and the relationships they have with each other are beautiful,” the director said.

“When viewers finish watching the series, I’m sure they will think of it not as a tragedy but as a beautiful drama.”

“Wonderful World” will air on MBC on Fridays and Saturdays, and will be available for streaming on Disney+ in select regions.