Yoo Ah-in's agency threatens legal action against local media

Actor Yoo Ah-in speaks to local media after police questioning in March [NEWS1]

Actor Yoo Ah-in's agency threatened legal measures against local media for "spreading false news" that the actor took illegal drugs at clubs and overdosed on sleeping pills in a statement on Wednesday.

“We would like to first apologize for the scandalous matter regarding actor Yoo Ah-in,” Yoo's agency UAA said.

"We have been refraining from making any statements due to ongoing investigations. We maintain our will to sincerely cooperate with all procedures. However, we wish to make certain facts right in a situation where unverified news keeps circulating."

Yoo is currently under police investigation after testing positive for tetrahydrocannabinol, the main constituent of marijuana, and propofol.

On Tuesday, Kukmin Ilbo claimed that Yoo had been "sighted" doing drugs weekly at a club in Itaewon, central Seoul, while Yonhap News TV reported that the actor overdosed on zolpidem, a type of sleeping pill.

“We would like to ask Kookmin Ilbo how it had verified [informant] A's testimony [...] We are deeply regretful that such an esteemed newspaper would make a report based on a single individual's false allegations."

UAA admitted that Yoo had been taking sleeping pills but only due to a health condition.

"It is true that there are things that Yoo Ah-in needs to offer more clarity on [...] However, we will take firm measures against groundless rumors and news reports that have not been verified."