YouTuber ordered to delete Omega X-defaming videos

Boy band Omega X [NEWS1]

The YouTuber who accused boy band Omega X of "betraying" its former agency was ordered by the court Tuesday to take the videos down from his channel, the band's agency said Wednesday.

YouTuber Injiwoong, whose real name is Kim Ji-woong, has been claiming since August that Omega X was involved in what's referred to as "tampering," where an artist signs with a new agency before their other contract has finished, in his YouTube videos.

"The court has ordered that such videos be deleted and warned that he will be subject to penalties, should he refuse to comply," Omega X's agency IPQ Entertainment said in a press release.

"The decision is meaningful in that the tampering allegations have been proved as false by the court."

The YouTuber claimed that the boy band conspired with IPQ Entertainment to prematurely end its contract with its former agency, Spire Entertainment, by falsely accusing Spire Entertainment's former CEO Kang Seong-hee of assault and sexual harassment.

The boy band left its former agency and signed with IPQ Entertainment in May after claiming that they were physically assaulted and sexually harassed by Kang.

“The court decided that the channel’s videos used false expressions,” the agency added. “The action violates the rights of Omega X, which cannot be allowed as acknowledged by the court.”

The agency will follow up by filing a lawsuit requesting that all videos get deleted from the channel, due to defamation, IPQ Entertainment said.

Omega X recently dropped its third EP "iykyk (if you know, you know)" on Nov. 7. The band sold 80,000 copies of the album within the first week of its release.

The band also recently ended its U.S and Mexico world tour, titled "Keep Goin," on Dec. 10 in Los Angeles. The band met fans in eight cities, including Chicago and Mexico City.

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