About Us

Celeb Confirmed is an English-language website providing comprehensive, verified coverage of Korean pop culture.

Created by the Korea JoongAng Daily, one of Korea’s top English-language daily newspapers and part of the JoongAng Group alongside Korean daily the JoongAng Ilbo and cable network JTBC, Celeb Confirmed delivers news, analysis and information written by our reporters in Seoul and confirmed by the official agencies and representatives of Korean celebrities.

By verifying what we publish, Celeb Confirmed cuts through the rumors and misreporting to offer true stories checked and confirmed with the people that know. It’s Korean pop culture news you can rely on, reported in Korea by our bilingual newsroom for readers all over the world.

As well as news, analysis and celebrity profiles, Celeb Confirmed also works to connect fans with their favorite starts through our range of video series and with each other through our community, quizzes and polls.

Celeb profiles on Celeb Confirmed use the artist or group's official name in the style confirmed by their agency. This may sometimes differ from the way names are stylized in news articles on Celeb Confirmed, which follow the New York Times Style rules used by the Korea JoongAng Daily.