Travel ban for G-Dragon lifted following negative drug tests

The police decided not to renew the overseas travel ban on singer G-Dragon. [YONHAP]

G-Dragon's overseas travel ban has been lifted as the police decided not to extend the artist's travel ban, which ended Saturday after a series of drug screenings on the singer came back negative.

The police notified the singer of their decision not to extend the travel ban, according to media reports on Monday.

The ban was imposed on Oct. 26.

G-Dragon was accused of using illegal drugs.

He tested negative for drug use in a series of detailed drug tests involving his hair, toenails and fingernails by the National Forensic Service last week. A rapid urine test he took earlier this month also came back negative.

Korean media reports said that it is likely that the singer will not face prosecution and additional questioning based on the results of his drug tests.

The police, however, requested the Ministry of Justice to renew the travel ban for actor Lee Sun-kyun, who is also facing investigation on suspicion of illegal drug use.

Lee also tested negative on his drug tests. However, the police submitted the request to extend the ban as it found evidence of him exchanging messages with the manager of an adult entertainment establishment, who the police allege had given him drugs.

"We cannot yet disclose the exact date of lifting the ban or future investigations," a police spokesperson told media outlets.