Fifty Fifty, Omega X, and the reason idols turn their backs on agencies
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What does Omega X have to do with Fifty Fifty? Nothing originally, but now apparently, it's everything.

Following a recent episode of channel SBS’s investigative exposé “Unanswered Questions” centering on girl group Fifty Fifty, the spotlight suddenly turned to Omega X after a YouTuber claimed that the band was not an innocent victim of its former agency but “a Fifty Fifty that went according to plan.”

Boy band Omega X in a press conference stating that the band members had been assaulted by then-agency Spire Entertainment's CEO and his wife last November [NEWS1]

Omega X is an 11-member boy band that debuted under Spire Entertainment in June 2021 and signed with IPQ Entertainment last July after it was revealed that the members had been subject to both physical and sexual violence by the former agency’s CEO for a year.

Their case went viral after a video taken by a fan was uploaded online, showing the members being assaulted by the agency CEO’s wife in the streets of Los Angeles. The court sided with the boy band, terminating their contracts with Spire Entertainment last January.

So why did a YouTuber suddenly bring up a case that ended over seven months ago, in connection to a completely separate case?

A captured image from SBS's recent episode on girl group Fifty Fifty's conflict with its agency Attrakt [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Unanswered Questions

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