HYBE-MBC tensions have thawed, but what happens now?
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Boy band Enhypen will be taking part in MBC’s “Show! MusicCore” weekly music program on Nov. 18 for the first time.

It may not seem like big news for the K-pop laymen, but the landmark announcement signals the end of one of the biggest disputes in the Korean pop entertainment scene between two of the largest companies in the industry: K-pop powerhouse HYBE and TV channel MBC.

Boy band Enhypen [YONHAP]

No HYBE artist had been seen on MBC’s music or entertainment shows since the two fell out in 2019. Though neither company had openly mentioned the issue, the four-year-long cold war made it seem like the bridge between the two had been burned for good.

The apparent newfound friendship between K-pop’s largest agency and one of Korea’s three major TV channels may be welcome news to fans, producers and artists alike, but what it really entails is a new power dynamic between K-pop and TV stations in the now-normal digital era.

So what exactly happened, and how will it unfold in the coming days?

K-pop bands take part in an exercise at the Goyang Gym in Gyeonggi for MBC's “Idol Star Athletics Championships” (ISAC) sports entertainment show on Aug. 12, 2019. [NEWS1]

What happened?

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