'Itaewon Class' Japanese remake available in Korea on Tving from tomorrow

Poster of "Roppongi Class" released by Tving on Tuesday [TVING]

The Japanese remake of 2020 hit series "Itaewon Class" will be available to local viewers exclusively through the Korean video streaming platform Tving, according to the platform on Tuesday.

"Roppongi Class" will be on Tving from Wednesday. Roppongi is an entertainment district in Tokyo. The show has been on air in Japan on TV Asahi since July.

Adapted from a Kakao Webtoon of the same title, "Roppongi Class" carries a similar narrative as Korea's "Itaewon Class," which revolves around the two protagonists Park Saeroyi and Jo Yi-seo and their attempts to launch a successful restaurant in the city. Korean actors Park Seo-jun and Kim Da-mi starred as the leads in the original series.

In "Roppongi Class," rising Japanese actor Ryoma Takeuchi plays Park Saeroyi and Yurina Hirate plays Jo Yi-seo.

The original webtoon accumulated over 400 million views, while the television series is ranked No. 3 in viewership ratings out of all JTBC dramas. Abroad, the series was especially popular in Japan, ranking No. 1 on Netflix Japan’s Top 10 chart.

"Roppongi Class" is co-produced by Korea's Studio LuluLala and Kakao Entertainment and Japan's TV Asahi.

JTBC Studios, cable channel JTBC’s content management affiliate, changed its company name to Studio LuluLala (SLL) at the March 31 annual shareholders meeting, symbolic of its hopes to offer more diverse content targeting a global audience.