'Jung_E' tops Global Top 10 Most Popular Films chart on Netflix

Poster for the sci-fi thriller film "Jung_E." [NETFLIX]

Netflix sci-fi thriller “Jung_E” topped the Global Top 10 Most Popular films (Non-English) chart on Netflix, just three days after its release on Jan. 20, the streaming platform announced on Wednesday.

“Jung_E” garnered a total of 19 million total hours viewed and was ranked in the Top 10 Film list in a total of 80 different countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, Spain, Taiwan and Singapore.

The film is a Netflix sci-fi thriller about a researcher at an artificial intelligence lab in a post-apocalyptic future, who sets out to clone the brain of a hero — her own mother.

In the film, a civil war breaks out in an outer-space shelter made by humans who can no longer live on Earth due to climate change. Kim Hyun-joo plays the cloned version of legendary soldier Jung_E, while Kang Soo-youn plays Seohyun, the original Jung_E’s biological daughter who is a researcher seeking to clone the brain of her mother to supply humans with a force to fight robots.

“Jung_E” is late actress Kang’s last film.