'Seoul Ghost Story' set to hit cinemas on April 27

The cast of the upcoming film "Seoul Ghost Story" (translated) from top row, left to right: Actors Kim Do-yoon, Bong Jae-hyun, Seo Ji-soo, Seol A, Shownu, Arin, AleXa, Exy, Oh Ryoong, Lee Min-hyuk, Lee Yeol-eum, Lee Young-jin, Lee Ho-won, Jung Won-ch

The film "Seoul Ghost Story" (translated), which stars a slew of K-pop idols is set to premiere on April 27, according to a press release on Tuesday.

Golden Child's Bong Jae-hyun, WJSN's Seol A and Exy, Monsta X's Shownu, Oh My Girl's Arin, singer AleXa and The Boyz's Ju Hak-nyeon will all make their debuts on the big screen through the movie.

Other young actors in the cast include Kim Do-yoon who appeared in the drama series "Hellbound" (2021), Oh Ryoong from JTBC drama series "Something in the Rain" (2018) and Lee Yul-em from JTBC series "Nevertheless" (2021).

"Seoul Ghost Story" is comprised of 10 different horror stories.

One episode of the film under the tentative title "Urban Myths: Tooth Worms" was invited to the 25th Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, Canada, in July last year. It stars Lee Ho-won as the main lead, who is also known as singer Hoya.

Nicolas Archambault, co-director of the international film festival, praised the movie saying, "'Urban Myths: Tooth Worms' is a thrilling and amazing body horror film."

It centers around a dentist (portrayed by Lee) who finds an unidentified bug in his patient's gums.

"Seoul Ghost Story" is directed by Hong Won-gi. Hong has directed over 1,500 commercials and music videos including HyunA's "Bubble Pop" (2011), BTS's "No More Dream" (2013), Taeyeon's "I" (2015) and Hwasa's "Twit" (2021).