'Someday or One Day' returns as a multiverse film

From left, Greg Han, Alice Ko and Patrick Shih pose for a photo during a press conference held at Yongsan CGV in central Seoul on Jan. 26. [YONHAP]

Alice Ko, Greg Han and Patrick Shih were in Seoul last week to promote “Someday or One Day,” a film from Taiwan based on a series by the same name.

The time-loop romance is different enough from the original to be watched without the benefit of having watched the series, the actors said.

“Those who haven’t seen the original drama series can enjoy our movie too,” said Ko. Han added that “’Someday or One Day’ the film has completely new characters and a story frame, so audiences can enjoy the film without any setbacks.”

They said the key difference is that the movie is a multiverse tale while the drama is about time travel.

“Watching our film will involve some brainwork for the audience,” said Mai Ting, producer. “It’s not just a love story or a typical romance — there are plot twists and surprises all around the block.”

Han said that the reason audiences are so attracted to the story of the original drama series and the film seems to be that a first love is a universal experience.

Fans are gathered to welcome the main cast of ″Someday Or One Day″ at Yongsan CGV in central Seoul on Jan. 26. [YONHAP]

“I think everyone has had a crush or fallen in love in their youth, and that makes this story of young love very appealing,” said Han.

The original drama series created a buzz on social media in Korea in 2019 and 2020 and became a sleeper hit with Korean audiences.

At the press conference at CGV Yongsan, central Seoul, the actors set a target for Korean audiences.

“We are all preparing dances and singing performances for when and if we hit one million tickets in Korea,” Shih said during the press conference. “Ko and Han are such good professionals, and they have prepared a lot for us.”

“We have already lined up some of these special performances for the audiences in Taiwan, and if we make one million in Korea, we hope to come back here,” Han said.

The cast also praised Korean food they ate while visiting Seoul and said that the heavy snow that fell on Jan. 26 was the “first snow” for them all.

“I want to thank all of our fans who came to greet us here and at the airport yesterday — through all the snow and frost,” said Ko. “We would not have believed that ‘Someday Or One Day’ would receive such adulation from Korean moviegoers. We are all very awed.”

Shih was especially effusive.

“I thought that I was dreaming, when we arrived here yesterday,” Shih said. “And being here in front of everyone talking about our film — seems like the end of the long journey and dream that I had for ‘Someday Or One Day.’”

“Someday or One Day” opened in theaters on Jan. 25.