'The Owl' tops Korea's weekend box office for 2 weeks in a row

Main poster for ″The Owl″ [NEXT ENTERTAINMENT WORLD]

Historical fiction flick “The Owl” topped the weekend box office for two consecutive weeks, recording a cumulative 1.7 million moviegoers.

“The Owl,” a story about an acupuncturist with day blindness who winds up in a royal scandal, was audiences’ top pick for the past two weeks, according to the Korea Film Council’s data network of movie theater ticket purchases. It has kept the highest spot at the box office for 12 consecutive days since its release on Nov. 23.

In particular, even on the second weekend of its release, “The Owl” recorded higher seat sales than its first week at 19.4 percent, proving that it’s a strong contender in Korean theaters this winter.

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol and Yoo Hai-jin take the leads in the historical sageuk (Korean historical fiction productions).