Actor Sim Eun-woo will not renew her contract with her agency

Sim Eun-woo [NEWS1]

Actor Sim Eun-woo, who has been keeping a low profile since admitting last year to being a bully in middle school, will not renew her contract with her agency SH Media Corp.

Local media outlet OSEN reported Friday that Sim’s contract has ended and that she is not searching for a new agency.

The report continued to state that Sim “does not wish to receive help from a management agency” because “she loves acting and does not want to cause inconvenience to [anyone else involved in] her work.”

She made her official return to acting on Thursday during a press preview event for the upcoming film “Seire,” set to premiere on Nov. 24.

“I had received so much love and attention, and I thought about what the best way would be to repay your support,” Sim said. “I’m just thankful I am here again with a new film. I know I should do my best to become a better person and actor [...] I think that’s the only way.”

In March 2021, an anonymous person posted on an online community site claiming that she had been bullied by Sim in middle school, and had been ostracized from her fellow classmates, eventually leading her to transfer to another school.

Sim later apologized for her behavior on social media, admitting that she had used “immature language.”

Sim is best known for her role in the JTBC drama series “The World of the Married” (2020).