Actor Song Duk-ho under investigation for fraudulently evading military service

Actor Song Duk-ho poses on the red carpet for the MBC Drama Awards on Dec. 30, 2022. [NEWS1]

Local news reports said Tuesday that actor Song Duk-ho has “hastily” dropped out of filming for upcoming projects, due to reasons related to evading his military service.

Song’s agency Bistus Entertainment apologized the same day, admitting that the actor halted his activities because he is currently under investigation.

“Last summer, Song was researching online how to postpone his enlistment when he came across a blog run by 'A,'” the agency said. “After consultation, Song made the wrong choice in the moment and received a grade 4 in his physical evaluation through fraudulent ways, instead of just delaying his enlistment, which was his original intention.”

Young men who get grade 4 substitute their service by working as social service agents at public institutions for 21 months unless they volunteer for active duty, as opposed to those who get grades 1 to 3, who serve as active duty personnel for 18 months.

A large, draft-dodging broker organization — referred to "A" in Bistus's statement — has been under investigation since earlier this month for manipulating the health records of its young male clients. The brokers have since told prosecutors that their clientele included celebrities, athletes and sons from wealthy families and that the organization bribed a neurologist in Seoul to give clients fake diagnoses of epilepsy.

Singer Ravi of boy band VIXX was also wrapped up in similar allegations earlier this month.

Song has appeared in popular shows like tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” (2020-21), Netflix’s “D.P.” (2021) and “Juvenile Justice” (2022).