Actors Park Jin-joo, Lee Yi-kyung to join cast of 'Hangout With Yoo'

Actors Park Jin-joo and Lee Yi-kyung are the new members of MBC variety show ″Hangout With Yoo″ (2019-). [MBC]

Actors Park Jin-joo and Lee Yi-kyung are joining MBC’s variety show “Hangout With Yoo” (2019-).

The show confirmed the news Thursday, asking viewers to “anticipate what kind of synergy the new members would create with other members.”

With the addition of Park and Lee, the show now consists of seven hosts including entertainers Yoo Jae-suk, Jeong Jun-ha, Shin Bong-seon and Lee Mi-joo.

Park and Lee have appeared on multiple variety shows and showed off their comedic sides as guests or hosts on “Hangout With Yoo,” “I Am Solo” (2021-), which airs on ENA Play and SBS Plus, “Midnight Horror Story” (2021-) and “The Oppa of Tteokbokki House” (2021-) on MBC.

“I’m so grateful for this opportunity,” Park said. “I will do my utmost best not only in acting but also provide viewers with entertainment, happiness and laughter,” Park said.

“Even though I’m an actor, I’ll try to become a member who can also be a comedian,” Lee said.

“Hangout With Yoo” will air at 6:25 p.m. this Saturday. The show centers around comedian Yoo and what he does during his free time. The show expanded to include more members such as Jeong, Shin and Lee, and now new additions Park and Lee.