BabyMonster debuts with 'Batter Up,' tops iTunes charts in 14 countries

Girl group BabyMonster released its new digital single ″Batter Up″ on Monday. [YG ENTERTAINMENT]

It's a "dream come true" for members of BabyMonster, YG Entertainment's newest girl group that debuted on Monday with digital single "Batter Up."

"We are so happy to finally achieve the dreams we have had for so long," the group's members said in a press release.

"We will do our best to showcase a never-before-seen group identity. We are also preparing various activities to return 100 percent more [for the love and support we have received] to the fans who have waited, starting with our debut."

"Batter Up" refers to the call sign used in baseball, showing the group's aspiration to become a game changer in the global music market. The song also showcases the group's unique identity, according to its agency.

The new digital single debuted at No. 1 on iTunes Song Chart in 14 countries as of Monday morning, also scoring well on iTunes Worldwide Song Chart at No. 5.

The song is also this year's first song by a newly debuting band to enter the U.S. iTunes Top 50 Chart, according to YG Entertainment.

Its music video also surpassed 8.69 million views on YouTube 10 hours after it was uploaded Monday, along with the single at 12:01 a.m.

BabyMonster is a six-member girl group and the first new girl group from YG Entertainment in seven years since Blackpink. The six members are Ruka, Chiquita, Rami, Pharita, Rora and Asa.

The members were first shown on YG Entertainment's YouTube series "Last Evaluation." It was slated to debut as a seven-member group with Ahyeon. However, YG Entertainment announced that Ahyeon had withdrawn from the group due to health issues on Nov. 15. The agency confirmed the group's six members on Thursday.

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