Broadcaster Kim Shin-young, comedian Ahn Young-mi test positive for Covid

Broadcaster and comedian Kim Shin-young [MEDIA LAB SEESAW]

Broadcaster Kim Shin-young and comedian Ahn Young-mi both tested positive for Covid-19 Thursday, putting a halt to all their activities for the time being.

Kim released a statement Thursday through her personal social media account saying that she had contracted Covid-19, but promising that “I will come back healthy.”

Due to her Covid-19 diagnosis, Kim was absent from her usual MBC morning radio program. Kim starred in a small role in “Decision to Leave” (2022) this year and is one of Korea’s most famous radio and television broadcasters. Kim was replaced by composer Kim Jung-mo on the program Thursday.

Ahn Young-mi also tested positive for Covid-19, according to her agency Media Lab Seesaw Thursday. As a result of a rapid antigen test, Ahn was confirmed to have contracted Covid-19 on Tuesday and has stopped all of her scheduled appearances and is in isolation, according to Media Lab Seesaw.

Ahn currently appears on Coupang Play’s “Saturday Night Live Korea 3,” a program on MBC radio’s afternoon slot and channel ENA’s “Hyoja Village.”