CGV, Lotte Cinema, MegaBox launch program to support domestic films

Main posters for ″Rebound″ (2023), ″Killing Romance″ (2023) and ″Dream″ (2023) [BARUNSON E&A, LOTTE ENTERTAINMENT, PLUS M ENTERTAINMENT]

The three largest multiplex cinemas in Korea — CGV, Lotte Cinema and MegaBox — are launching a program to support domestic films with the aim of revitalizing the Korean film industry.

CGV, Lotte Cinema and MegaBox plan to pay release subsidies to the distributors of three domestic films, “Rebound” (2023), “Killing Romance” (2023) and “Dream” (2023), which are all set to be released in April, according to the Korea Cinema Industry Association on Wednesday.

The subsidy will be up to 2,000 won ($1.52) per ticket purchased, and the amount calculated according to the cumulative number of viewers for each work will be paid to the distributors at a later time.

“April is the traditional off-season for cinemas, and many distributors are considering delaying releases of their films due to worries about poor performances at the box office,” the Korea Cinema Industry Association said in a press release. “The Korean film industry is in a negative cycle where there are no new releases of domestic films so the number of viewers decreases and the industry as a whole deteriorates. We aim to break this by supporting more domestic films for wide release.”

“Rebound” is an upcoming sports drama film directed by Jang Hang-jun, who directed “Break Out” (2002), “Spring Breeze” (2003) and the hit medical drama series “Sign” (2011). Screenwriters Kwon Sung-hui and Kim Eun-hee, who co-wrote and wrote the screenplays for Netflix’s “Narco-Saints” (2022) and “Kingdom” (2019), respectively, wrote the screenplay for “Rebound,” while Ahn Jae-hong, Lee Shin-young and Jeong Jin-woon star in the film.

“Killing Romance” stars Le Hanee, Lee Sun-kyun — well-known for his many roles including in “Parasite” (2019) — and Gong Myung. The film is directed by Lee Won-suk, who directed “How To Use Guys with Secret Tips” (2013).

“Dream” is the next project by director Lee Byeong-heon, the director behind “Extreme Job," which broke the record for the highest-grossing domestic film in 2019 when it was released. Park Seo-joon and IU (real name Lee Ji-eun) star as the leads.

“For the development and sustainable growth of the Korean film industry, governmental support for domestic films and theaters is desperately needed,” the Korea Cinema Industry Association said. “Starting with the support program this time, the three largest multiplex companies will make greater efforts to develop the Korean film industry and market.”