Content industry comes together to take down illegal streaming sites

Headquarters of KBS [KBS]

Broadcasting companies, streaming services, movie producers and distributors all came together to take down illegal streaming services including the infamous noonoo TV.

The Alliance for Protection of Videogram (AVP) announced on Wednesday that it filed a complaint to sue noonoo TV after having agreed to take collective action against the illegal streaming service based overseas.

AVP claims that despite multiple actions to block access to the site, the illegal streaming service is still in operation after bypassing restrictions, garnering 1.5 billion total views in February 2023 — higher than legal streaming services. The alliance also pointed out that the illegal service is profiting off of illegal gambling site advertisements.

AVP, a collective established in February to jointly respond to copyright infringement cases and unauthorized usage, will be operated as the largest council including Korean broadcasting companies MBC, KBS, CJ ENM and JTBC, film production companies and distributors, production company Studio SLL, and Korean streaming services Wavve and Tving, in collaboration with the Alliance for Creative and Entertainment.