Debut girl group Badvillain wants to become 'K-pop's villain' with single 'Overstep'

Girl Group Badvillain [BIG PLANET MADE]

A good story needs a good villain, and girl group Badvillain is attempting to rise to the occasion. The group aims to become the villain of K-pop through its three-track debut single release, “Overstep,” which drops on Monday.

"Overstep" is a title that portrays the image of a villain breaking down the rules of society. The release includes three songs: lead track "Badvillain," "Badtitude" and "+82."

“I'm so happy to finally debut,” said group member Vin in a press release on Monday. “I'm actually a little nervous, but I still want to show our hard work to the audience as soon as possible.”

Badvillain has seven members: Emma, Vin, Hu'e, Kelly, Yunseo, Chloe Young and Ina.

Emma was a member of the project dance crew "Want," which appeared on Mnet's audition program "Street Woman Fighter” (2023), while Chloe Young was a member of Korean dance crew 1Million. Hu'e and Yunseo were participants in MBC's idol audition program, "My Teenage Girl" (2021).

Badvillain has seven members. From left to right: Emma, Vin, Hu'e, Kelly, Yunseo, Chloe Young and Ina. [BIG PLANET MADE]

With members all having experience in dance, it seems the group is leaning into the performance aspect of K-pop.

“We focused on live performances,” said group member Emma. “Badvillain is strong at performances and each member has a distinct style, which is our biggest charm.”

Badvillain’s confidence in its dance performances can be demonstrated by the performance videos uploaded to the YouTube channel of its label Big Planet Made. The group's videos have received more than 2.5 million views as of Monday.

Girl Group Badvillain [BIG PLANET MADE]

“Our dance teacher, Kasper, taught me just a little boxing for the lead track,” said group member Kelly. “The dance moves in the chorus are very fast, and it was intriguing how the boxing actually made it possible.”

Apart from the dancing, members of the group also participated in the songwriting process. Group members Chloe Young and Ina were credited for the lyrics on the song “+82.”

“The Jersey Club sound of ‘+82’ compelled me to write impressionable lyrics to it,” said group member Ina. “I wanted to convey our headstrong image with impactful lyrics.”

Girl Group Badvillain [BIG PLANET MADE]

“It sounded grandiose and refreshing when I heard the song for the first time,” said Chloe Young. “I came up with the sketches of the line ‘hey you baddest’ while talking with the producers and Ina.”

Badvillain is the first girl group entirely produced by Big Planet Made from the ground up. The agency debuted the girl group Viviz two years ago, but its members had already debuted previously as GFriend.

“If there is one word that defines us, it's our name,” said group member Kelly. “We are the irreplaceable ‘Badvillains.’”

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