Distribution rights to 'The Roundup' with Ma Dong-seok sold to 132 countries

The English poster for upcoming crime-action film ″The Roundup″ starring Ma Dong-seok [ABO ENTERTAINMENT]

The highly-anticipated crime action film “The Roundup” starring Ma Dong-seok, also known as Don Lee, has pre-sold its distribution rights to 132 countries before its slated release in local theaters on May 18.

“The Roundup” is a sequel to the 2017 film “The Outlaws” revolving around the battle between all-powerful cop Ma Seok-do (portrayed by Ma) and a notorious mafia leader from Harbin, China, Jang Chen (portrayed by Yoon Kye-sang). In the follow-up story, Ma Seok-do and his police team will head to Vietnam to catch a violent killer named Kang Hae-sang (portrayed by Son Suk-ku).

The distribution rights have been sold to France and Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as North America and Eastern Europe.

“From the early stage of its sales, foreign buyers have taken avid interest in the film for the fact that it was Ma’s first Korean film that he stars in since ‘Eternals' [2021],” said K-Movie Entertainment which is in charge of the film’s international sales. “[The global audience] is already anticipating Ma’s powerful action sequences which offer vicarious satisfaction to the viewers and his distinct sense of humor which earned him the title of ‘the beast cop’ from ‘The Outlaws,’” which is why we were able to quickly wrap up the presales for the upcoming film.”