Drippin aims to make a splash with April comeback


Boy band Drippin will be back with new music in April, the band’s agency Woollim Entertainment said Monday.

It will be Drippin’s first music in almost a year since the band dropped its single “Seven Sins” in April last year.

Promotional image for Drippin's new music drop in April [WOOLLIM ENTERTAINMENT]

A promotional poster featuring a black and white photo of playing cards with the text “Coming Soon” in red was uploaded to the band’s social media at midnight on Sunday. The title and specific release date will be announced at a later date, Woollim Entertainment said.

Drippin debuted in 2020 with its first EP “Boyager” as a seven-member band. After Alex left in July 2023, the band now consists of six members: Lee Hyeop, Hwang Yun-seong, Joo Chang-uk, Kim Dong-yun, Kim Min-seo and Cha Jun-ho.

The band was listed on the Grammy Awards’ list of “11 K-Pop Boy Groups to Watch In 2023.” The Grammys praised the band’s organic and smooth transition toward a darker style with its “Villain” album series releases in 2022.

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