Drippin's Joo Chang-uk to take hiatus due to health issues

Joo Chang-uk of boy band Drippin will take a temporary hiatus due to health issues. [WOOLLIM ENTERTAINMENT]

Boy band Drippin's member Joo Chang-uk will take time off from the band’s activities due to health issues, his agency Woollim Entertainment said Thursday.

The singer was examined at a hospital while preparing for the band’s upcoming album after his health deteriorated, according to his agency.

“Joo Chang-uk will not participate in the group’s scheduled activities following a doctor's advice to rest to recover from his respiratory disease,” Woollim Entertainment said in press release.

The band will resume its activities with the remaining five members Lee Hyeop, Hwang Yun-seong, Kim Dong-yun, Kim Min-seo and Cha Jun-ho for the time being, the agency added.

Drippin is slated to release its fourth single, “Beautiful Maze,” on April 3.

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