Emma from 'Street Woman Fighter' wins legal battle against dance label Dred Alliance


Emma, 22, a past contestant on “Street Woman Fighter,” won a legal battle against her dance label on Friday.

The court ruled in favor of Emma, whose real name is Song Hye-min, who counter-sued her agency Dred Alliance regarding their exclusive contract.

In June 2019, Emma entered into an exclusive contract with Dred Alliance. After failing to debut for the next two years, she broke her contract with the agency in October last year.

The agency claimed that Emma had “unilaterally announced that she wanted out of the contract because of a simple change of mind, then left the agency” and sued the dancer.

Emma filed a countersuit in November, claiming that her contract with the agency was no longer valid, and applied for an injunction the against the agency.

The court granted Emma the injunction and during trial, ruled that the exclusive contract and its subsidiary agreements were invalid.

“The mutual trust was broken to the extent that the artist could not expect support from her agency in her future activities,” the court said during Emma’s ruling last Friday.

Emma appeared on Mnet’s female dance competition show “Street Woman Fighter” in 2021 as a member of the competing dance crew Want.