Ex-wife of Lim Dong-hyuk reveals abusive texts she received from the pianist

Pianist Lim Dong-hyuk [YONHAP]

Pianist Lim Dong-hyuk's ex-wife refuted Lim's accusation that she lied about his abusive behavior, revealing the text messages she claimed were sexually offensive and violent.

In a post uploaded to a local online forum by the ex-wife last Friday, she argued that Lim accusing her of making a "false Me Too claim," after his sexual harassment charge was dropped in January, was an act of "deception by the pianist" to make his fans "fall for his lies without realizing the truth."

In June 2022, Lim's ex-wife first reported the pianist for sending her unwanted sexually explicit images and messages via the KakaoTalk messenger app and by email during the couple's divorce proceedings, which took place in 2019, and again in 2021 after the divorce was finalized.

In photos revealed by his ex-wife in her forum post, Lim was revealed to have sent photos of sex toys he found on the internet to his ex-wife, making remarks about their size, on KakaoTalk.

She also provided screenshots of emails that Lim had sent in October 2021 telling her to take "extreme measures."

"Why are you not taking extreme measures? If I were you, I would've done it. Do it, that's my advice," the email reads.

Prosecutors decided in January not to charge him, saying, while acknowledging the sexual humiliation that must have been felt by Lim's ex-wife, that it was "difficult to prove inappropriate sexual intent."

"I do not believe that Lim sent me the inappropriate pictures and messages just because he was angry during the divorce proceedings" as the prosecutors claimed, she wrote.

"With his twisted sexual perspectives, he had endless affairs and showed strange behaviors throughout our marriage, and his actions are hard to understand with common sense," she continued, providing pictures of chats on Lim's phone that imply that he had affairs with several other women.

"I couldn't stand him blaming me for everything," she concluded in her lengthy post, explaining why she decided to speak out.

After Lim's charges were dropped, the pianist first released a lengthy statement in January, saying, "I had to keep playing my piano even as my reputation was being slaughtered."

He also claimed his ex-wife's actions were part of a "false Me Too claim."

"I think the public is not going to be fooled again," the pianist said.

"The public doesn't really care if these sex crimes, including Me Too like this, are true or not."

No statement has come from the pianist regarding the ex-wife's latest post.