Fifty Fifty recruiting new members to join Keena

Keena of Fifty Fifty attends the 38th Golden Disc Awards held at Jakarta International Stadium on Saturday [JOONGANG PHOTO]

Fifty Fifty is recruiting new members to join the only remaining member Keena to make it a four or five-member girl group again.

“The new Fifty Fifty will likely have four or five members,” Fifty Fifty’s agency Attrakt told the Korea JoongAng Daily Monday.

“Auditions are under process,” the agency added. “Specific details about the matter are yet to be decided.”

The auditions for new Fifty Fifty members do not have to do with the upcoming TV audition program set to air on JTBC, though further details about the show, including its title or when it will air, were not disclosed.

Fifty Fifty debuted in 2022 and skyrocketed to fame with its song “Cupid,” becoming the fastest K-pop group to land on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

In June, the original members of Fifty Fifty — Keena, Saena, Aran and Sio — filed an injunction to end their exclusive contract with the agency, citing that the company mistreated them and refused to share the income with the members. Keena alone returned to the agency after dropping her case in October.

The contracts of all the other members were terminated by Attrakt on Oct. 19, prior to the local court siding with the agency and dismissing the members' injunction.

Fifty Fifty recently received the Rookie Artist of the Year award at the 38th Golden Disc Awards held at the Jakarta International Stadium on Saturday. Keena attended the ceremony alone.

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