Fifty Fifty to return with new five-member lineup in September

Girl group Fifty Fifty's Keena [NEWS1]

Girl group Fifty Fifty is set to return as a five-member girl group, including original member Keena, after going through a legal dispute with its former members a year ago, its agency Attrakt said Friday.

“The agency has been conducting closed auditions to find new members for the group,” the agency said in a press release. “In April, we finalized the four new members."

The new Fifty Fifty is slated to return in September, according to the agency. This differs from what the agency said in March, when they announced a comeback in June.

“The agency knows that there are many people waiting for news and a comeback from the group,” Attrakt said. “However, to ensure the album’s quality and [the group’s] global marketing, it is inevitable [for us to reserve more] physical time.”

The group will also drop prerelease music ahead of its official album release, the agency added.

“We are planning to come out with a prerelease song that will show Fifty Fifty's identity and other various promotional events ahead of the official album release to keep up with [fans'] expectation,” Attrakt said.

Fifty Fifty debuted in 2022 as a four-member girl group with Keena, Saena, Aran and Sio under Attrakt. The group earned quick success with its song “Cupid” (2023), landing on the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts.

However, the group went on a downturn as all four members filed an injunction in June last year to terminate their exclusive contract with the agency, citing that the company mistreated them and refused to share the income with them.

Keena dropped her case in October the same year, returning back to the group alone.

Attrakt terminated the contracts of the remaining members on Oct. 19 last year before a local court ruled in favor of the agency, dismissing the injunction.

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