FNC's new rock band to open for FT Island in Taipei before 2025 debut

″2024 FT Island Live ‘Hey Day’ in Taipei″ promo poster [FNC ENTERTAINMENT]

A new rock boy band will debut under FNC Entertainment, the agency said Friday.

“The agency is planning to launch a new band that will follow the footsteps of FT Island, CNBLUE and N.Flying,” the agency said in a news release. This will be FNC Entertainment’s first alternative rock band in almost 10 years since N.Flying’s debut in 2015.

The group, which will consist of four members, is training with the goal of making its debut in the first half of next year, FNC Entertainment said. The members are long-time trainees under the agency.

Before its debut, the rookie rock band will open FT Island’s concert in Taipei “2024 FT Island Live ‘Hey Day’ in Taipei” on Sunday.

FNC Entertainment has a long history of producing alternative rock bands since its launch in 2006. Along with FT Island, CNBLUE and N.Flying, girl group AOA also debuted as a rock band before transitioning into a K-pop group whose music revolved around dance.

Other artists who debuted under the agency include actor Jung Haein, boy bands SF9 and P1Harmony, and girl group Cherry Bullet.