Former idol Lee A-reum hospitalized after apparent suicide attempt

Former T-ara member Lee A-reum [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Former T-Ara member Lee A-reum has been hospitalized after an attempted suicide on Wednesday, according to local media reports.

Lee left what was assumed to be a suicide note before her attempt at dawn and was taken to a hospital for treatment, Osen reported early on Wednesday. She had not regained consciousness at the time of the report.

Lee is going through a divorce from her husband, a noncelebrity two years her senior whom she married in 2019. The couple has two sons. Lee announced her divorce and upcoming remarriage last December.

Lee has publicly accused her estranged husband of domestic violence against her and their children ever since.

Lee uploaded photos showing her face and ripped clothes to Instagram account on Monday, naming her husband as the assailant. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

She uploaded a photo to Instagram on Monday showing her bruised face and a ripped dress.

“In November 2021, [my husband], in a fit of rage, ripped my clothes and choked me while saying he would kill me in front of our child,” she wrote. “He hit me hard enough to cause bruising near my nose and punched my feet to the extent that I could not walk for a while.”

“The picture was taken after I escaped to my parents' home the day I got hit in front my child. My dress was ripped, my nose bridge was bent and I was full of bruises.”

She claimed she had not gotten an official diagnosis from the hospital because her husband had asked for forgiveness but was now uploading the photos out of a sense of “injustice.”

Earlier this month, Lee accused her husband of gambling and taking out loans, as well as mistreating their children.

“[My husband] vented his anger by spitting on the children’s mouths and even urinating on their faces; he even defecated on my elder child’s face,” she said in an interview with Osen that was reported on March 3.

“He assaulted me throughout our married life in addition to committing a lot of shocking, ugly actions,” she added.

Lee joined girl group T-Ara in 2012 but left the group the following year. She appeared, alongside her husband, on a Tving reality program that showcased the lives of married couples contemplating divorce. She stated on the show that she was going through depression amid her dissension with her husband.

If you or someone you know is feeling emotionally distressed or struggling with thoughts of suicide, LifeLine Korea can be contacted at 1588-9191 or the Crisis Counseling Center at 1577-0199. The Seoul Global Center offers English-language counseling, contact 02-2075-4180 (+1) to arrange a session. Other international helplines can be found at