Former T-ara member gets divorce, to get married again soon

Lee A-reum, a former member of girl group T-ara [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Girl group T-ara's former member Lee A-reum is ending her marriage with her husband and starting a new one soon, she said.

She married her ex-husband in 2019 and had two children together. The couple appeared on the streaming platform Tving's reality show "Caught Between Marriage & Divorce" (2022).

"[My partner and I] will file a marriage registration as soon as the lawsuit [with my former partner] is over, and we have promised to get married," Lee said on Instagram on Sunday.

"He is the person who taught me what happiness is while I was exhausted by the situation around me," she said of her current partner.

"He was the only person who stayed by my side when I was going through hard times, even though he might suffer from damage."

She also shared that she separated from her former partner years ago and is involved in an ongoing legal dispute over the specifics of the divorce.

"I hope [my ex-husband] settles so that he may also start living a new life," she said. "I am also getting ready to live a new life of my own. I hope you do not talk bad about either side."

She "did not have an affair" with her new partner and warned that she would sue those spreading false lies.

Lee, born in 1994, debuted as a new member of girl group T-ara in 2012 but left the group the following year. She has been making appearances on television since 2017, including in KBS's idol audition show "The Unit" (2017–18). She recently appeared on the third season of JTBC's music audition show "Sing Again," a show dedicated to rediscovering forgotten or obscure singers.