G-Dragon to face police questioning over alleged drug use

Actor Lee Sun-kyun, left, and singer G-Dragon [NEWS1]

Singer G-Dragon, who is suspected of illegal drug use, will be investigated by the Incheon Police Agency on Nov. 6.

G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, will “voluntarily attend the questioning by the police on Nov. 6,” according to his lawyer on Tuesday.

G-Dragon, like actor Lee Sun-kyun, who was summoned last Saturday, will appear at the Incheon Nonhyun Police Station where the agency’s drug crime investigation office is located, and be questioned by police.

The police plan to conduct a simple reagent test on Kwon, who is suspected of illegal drug use under the Narcotics Control Act, to determine whether he has taken any drugs. The police also plan to investigate G-Dragon’s relationship with the doctor who allegedly gave drugs to Kwon and the manager of an entertainment establishment in Gangnam District, southern Seoul.

G-Dragon previously denied all allegations of illegal drug use, and said he will “actively cooperate with the police’s investigation.”

The police also decided to summon Lee again this weekend, who returned home after an hour of investigation last Saturday. Lee, who is suspected of using marijuana and psychotropic drugs, received a negative result in a reagent test on the same day.

The police plan to secure Lee’s statement first before the National Forensic Service’s detailed analysis results are released, which will take at least two weeks.

Currently, a total of 10 people, including G-Dragon and Lee, are under investigation by the Incheon Police Agency on suspicion of drug use.

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