Girl group Rescene evokes 'burning flower' in scent-focused debut single

Rookie girl group Rescene performs "UhUh," the lead track from its debut EP, ″Re:Scene,″ at a press showcase held Tuesday at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin District, eastern Seoul. [CHO YONG-JUN]

One doesn't often smell K-pop, but rookie girl group Rescene aims to be memorable, just like a scent that you can never forget.

“When you sense a familiar scent, you get reminded of the moment you’ve smelled that scent in the past. Just like that, when you watch our performances and when you listen to our music, we want people to remember who Rescene is,” Rescene’s Minami said during a press showcase Wednesday at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin District, eastern Seoul, ahead of the release of the group's debut single, “Re:Scene,” later that day.

Scent is a recurring theme for Rescene: the group’s name is a combination of re, scene and scent, a nod to its ambitions to “recall the scene through scent.”

Rookie girl group Rescene performs ″YoYo,″ a B-side track from its debut EP, ″Re:Scene,″ at a press showcase held Tuesday at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin District, eastern Seoul [CHO YONG-JUN]

Rescene’s debut single, “Re:Scene,” aims to evoke the smell of flowers.

“YoYo,” the already released track that marked Rescene's first appearance on the scene, is “a pop-dance score that welcomes everyone who was attracted to our flowery scent,” Liv said.

By contrast, lead track “UhUh” revolves around the “scent of the burning flower that is left over after a flower bursts into flame,” according to Zena.

“The music video also continues the theme, as it is a story about leaving Rescene’s scent in the world forever by burning flowers,” Minami added.

The choreography of “UhUh” is also inspired by scent, featuring a dance move where members rub their wrists — just as one would after applying perfume.

The showcase hall had a soft floral aroma thanks to the perfumed blotter paper included in each physical copy of the album.

But, the group made sure to clarify, that it is not necessary to purchase the album in order to appreciate the release.

“You don’t have to smell the scent yourself though; you can feel Rescene’s scent through your ears and through your eyes,” Woni said.

And the group certainly aims to please other senses as well. When the five members — Woni, Liv, Minami, Mei and Zena — were first revealed, many praised their visuals. Zena, the youngest member of the group, was at the center of attention, having previously served as a ‘visual model’ for the virtual girl group MAVE: during her second year of middle school.

“I just went for a photo shoot, and it’s not like I had any opportunity to say anything myself, so it all felt surreal,” Zena said of the experience.

“But now that I’m out here with my real shape, I think it makes me even more nervous.”

“We all dreamed of being an idol after looking at many senior idol artists,” Mei said, talking about the group’s future goals. “I hope many others can dream to be an idol after looking at us and we hope to be an idol for someone out there.”

“Summer is coming up, so maybe you’ll be able to smell a more refreshing scent in the future!” said Minami.

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