Upcoming girl group Rescene to drop first single on Thursday

Soon-to-debut girl group Rescene [THE MUZE ENTERTAINMENT]

Soon-to-debut girl group Rescene will drop its song “YoYo” on Thursday, a month before its official release on March 26.

"'YoYo' will be filled with touching melodies and vocals upon a rich harmony of Rescene,” the girl group's agency, The Muze Entertainment, said in a news release.

Rescene is the first girl group to debut under The Muze Entertainment. The group’s name is a combination of the prefix “re” and the word “scene,” and means “to reminiscence through scent,” according to the agency.

It emphasizes the group’s determination to leave a lasting musical impression on its audience.

All members were revealed earlier this week. Profile pictures of members — Zena, May, Liv, Minami and Woni — were unveiled one by one via the group’s social media channels from Sunday to Tuesday.

Two of the members are familiar faces. Minami, who hails from Japan, was a finalist on MBC’s reality audition program “My Teenage Girl” (2021), while Zena participated in Channel A’s “Stars Awakening” (2022) and is also a member of virtual girl group MAVE:.

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